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IEC Power Quality Standards

General IEC Power Quality Standards

It can be difficult to find the document you need, but you can purchase published IEC standards with a credit card. You’ll be charged in Swiss Francs, and you can download the document immediately.

  • What’s new on the IEC site – a good place to start
  • The IEC Web Store – purchase and download IEC standards
  • IEC Power quality standards – numbering system
    • 61000-1-X – definitions and methodology
    • 61000-2-X – environment (e.g. 61000-2-4 is compatibility levels in industrial plants)
    • 61000-3-X – limits (e.g. 61000-3-4 is limits on harmonics emissions)
    • 61000-4-X – tests and measurements (e.g. 61000-4-30 is power quality measurements)
    • 61000-5-X – installation and mitigation
    • 61000-6-X – generic immunity & emissions standards
  • IEC SC77A: low frequency EMC Phenomena — essentially equivalent of “power quality” in American terminology
    • TC 77/WG 1: terminology (part of the parent Technical Committee)
    • SC 77A/WG 1: harmonics and other low-frequency disturbances
    • SC 77A/WG 6: low frequency immunity tests
    • SC 77A/WG 2: voltage fluctuations and other low-frequency disturbances
    • SC 77A/WG 8: electromagnetic interference related to the network frequency
    • SC 77A/WG 9: power quality measurement methods
    • SC 77A/PT 61000-3-1: Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) – part 3-1: Limits – overview of emission standards and guides

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