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SEMI E6 Power Consumption Reporting Standard

EMATECH Utility Consumption Protocol

SEMI E6 is a semiconductor industry standard that tells you exactly how to describe the electric power requirements (among other things) for a piece of equipment. This standard is based on the SEMATECH Utility Consumption Protocol. Approved in March 2003, it is required for most semiconductor manufacturing tools.

Traditionally, equipment manufacturers have simply specified three electric power requirements: the voltage (for example, 208 V three-phase), the frequency (for example, 50/60 Hz), and the current (for example, 200 Amp breaker).

However, this is not enough information to allow a buyer to compare, for example, the energy consumption of two different systems. It also doesn’t tell the buyer how much safety margin is built into the requirement for current – perhaps a piece of equipment only needs 150 Amps, but it has a 200 Amp breaker.

SEMI E6 fixes these problems.

SEMI S23/E6 parameters, graphs

SEMI E6 requires the manufacturer to specify, in a very clear way, the actual watts, volt-amps, peak amps, current THD, and process cycle energy.

It also requires the equipment manufacturer to provide a graph of energy consumption during a typical wafer process. All this data will be used for the SEMI S23 energy consumption report.

One-Click SEMI S23/E6 reporting with the Industrial Power Corruptor

Record the energy consumption during your industrial process – know where your power is going. Use the drop-down list at the top to see similar graphs for harmonics, power factor, peak current, kVARs, and more. Optimized for SEMI S23/E6.

The Industrial Power Corruptor‘s Power Flow Analysis Option is optimized for SEMI S23, and automatically produces the correct graphs and data for the required SEMI E6 Type 400 Report.

Power Standards Lab specializes in preparing SEMI S23/E6 reports at your site, or in our lab, or through our Testing Partner program. Please contact us to get started.

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