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We can certify your equipment for power quality immunity, either at your site or in our lab

Our staff is fully qualified to test semiconductor fabrication equipment for voltage sag immunity according to SEMI F47, SEMI E6, SEMI S23, IEC 61000-4-11 and 61000-4-34, and IEEE 1100. We offer recommendations on how to improve immunity, as well.

Reasonable hourly, daily, and project rates, depending on your needs

Most of our test equipment is transportable, and can be brought to your site, for projects up to 480 V, three-phase, at up to 200 Amps (It is sometimes quicker and less expensive to test small equipment in our California lab).

We have standard testing protocols for many types of equipment. If you need a special protocol for your equipment, we can modify or create one.

Common Applications

  • Solving voltage sag problems at textile plants
  • Assisting a utility with a key account (improving voltage sag immunity)
  • Certifying voltage sag and impulse immunity according to international standards
  • Independent certification of semiconductor fabrication equipment
  • Independent testing and certification of power quality measurement equipment

Power Standards Lab
980 Atlantic Ave.
Alameda, California 94501
TEL: ++1.510.522.4400
US: 1.888.SEMI.F47 or 1.888.736.4347

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