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January 4, 2018

PQube 3e Captures California Earthquake

By Mark Richter

On January 4, 2018 at 2:39 AM Berkeley, California was shaken by a 4.4 magnitude earthquake.

The PQube 3e Power Quality Analyzer recorded this seismic event at PSL’s head office located ~9 miles away from the epicenter.

As the ground eight miles below the Claremont Hotel (situated near Berkeley) moved, the Earth’s surface shook with a sudden jolt. In Alameda, at PSL’s HQ, this event was recorded as the Earth moved for ~12 seconds along the X and Y axis’ at rate of almost ½ m/S², the recording below was captured using the PSL’s PQube 3e and ENV2 (Environmental sensor). Capturing nature’s events along with electrical disturbances brings together advanced fault detection and cause analysis making the PQube 3e valuable asset for mission critical locations.

Seismic disturbance captured from PSL’s main office with the PQube 3e and  ENV2

Conversion table from acceleration in m/S² (left) to USGS Category (right)

The environmental sensor also captures temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure all in the same module.

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