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PQube Classic

The PQube is like an aircraft's black box, it records the details of every power disturbance. When your system is "flying" normally, your PQube records every detail about power consumption for you. No software required. Lab grade precision. Plug-and-play.

Tiny. User friendly. No software required.

Power Quality monitoring: Your PQube is like the black box on an aircraft: if anything goes wrong with the power, it records all the details.

Three-phase and single-phase monitoring up to 690V, 50/60/400 Hz

Auto power configuration for any world-wide power

  • Voltage dips, swells, and interruptions – waveforms and RMS graphs
  • Over-frequency and under-frequency events
  • One-microsecond high-frequency impulse detection
  • THD, TDD, and time-triggered snapshots
  • Voltage and current unbalance
  • IEC Flicker – Pinst, PST, PLT
  • Detailed event recording, plus daily, weekly, monthly trends
  • Cumulative probability, histograms, and more

Energy Monitoring

The most accurate little monitor on the market. Complete energy information

  • Watts, VA, VARs, true Power Factor, Watt-hours, VA-hours
  • Daily and accumulated CO2, and CO2 rate (patent pending)
  • Peaks: single-cycle peak, one-minute, and 15-minute averages
  • CT ratios support up to 50,000 amps
  • PT ratios support up to 6,900,000 volts
  • Daily, weekly, monthly trends
  • Load duration curves and more

No software required!

The PQube automatically writes these files on a standard digital camera SD card

  • Spreadsheets: CSV Excel – compatible files; events, trends, statistics
  • Pictures: Event and trend/statistics graphs – dual-language picture graphs output directly from PQube in typical GIF format
  • PQDIF: the IEEE’s standard for power quality data files
  • Text, XML, and HTML summaries: perfect for interfacing with other programs

Multiple Language Support

Easy data retrieval

  • Sneakernet: pop-out SD card, just like a digital camera, and copy files to your PC
  • Ethernet
  • Email for easy approval by IT department. Automatically sends you events, trends, and statistics in the language of your choice
  • Built-in web server – see live meters, retrieve history files, and more
  • FTP server for easy file transfer
  • Modbus-TCP
  • Additional channels: two analog inputs, one digital input, one relay output, and two temperature-humidity monitoring channels
  • 256 samples-per-cycle measurements on all channels
  • About two gigabytes per year of data. PQube comes standard with 16-gigabyte SD-card for data storage. Can use 16-gigabyte SD cards
  • Full color display
  • 25+ languages, date/time setup, recent events, meters, and more
  • DIN-rail or panel mount
  • Built-in Li-Ion UPS. Power from 24 VAC, 24-48 VDC, or optional 100 ~ 240 VAC power supply
  • FREE individual NIST calibration certificate for every PQube

Power Standards Lab
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Alameda, California 94501
TEL: ++1.510.522.4400
US: 1.888.SEMI.F47 or 1.888.736.4347

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