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PQube 3r

The PQube 3r is your best choice for protecting sensitive processes that require appropriate and specific recovery actions when subject to power disturbances abnormal operation conditions.
PQube 3r has 4 built-in relay outputs that can be individually assigned to a specific trigger conditions. This allows to program specific control actions associated to the type or severity of disturbances.

Why using a PQube 3r ?

When a power disturbance hits a production line running a sensitive process, tools must be reset to a known state. In the worst case, the line must be properly shut down before the production process is restarted. Disturbance conditions may be non-power related events, such as high vibration, pressure drop…

In such situations, it is key to implement the most appropriate response that will bring the production safely back on line as quickly as possible.

You can program your PQube 3r to generate up to four control relay signals. Each relay function can be associated to a specific disturbance (e.g. interruption, major dip, HF impulse, torque exceeded, fuel level low…).

The PQube 3r has all the advanced features of the PQube ®3, now complemented  with a flexible set of control functions.

How is PQube 3r different from a PQube 3?

PQube 3r has all the advanced features of the PQube ®3,   plus 3 additional embedded  output relays. Those are programmable, non latching relays.

PQube 3r trigger relays with

  • Mains voltage : Line to Neutral or Line to Line  sag/swells/ interruptions
  • Mains voltage : wave shape changes,
  • Mains voltage : high frequency impulses
  • Main line currents : over/inrush current
  • Neutral and ground current: over/inrush current
  • Additional currents I6, I7, I8:  over/inrush current
  • Up to 4 (AC or DC) generic analog channels:  low or high conditions
  • One digital input channel
  • periodic (time interval), or on demand (relay trigger along with  snapshot)

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