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PQube 3e

Monitors up to four 3-phase circuits.

PQube 3e replaces four traditional revenue-grade meters in addition to providing advanced power quality monitoring. Plus you get environmental sensing, and external process measurements, with the same ultra-precise results delivered immediately to your inbox.

14 Energy Metering Channels

  • 14 energy metering channels – four three-phase loads, 14 single-phase loads, or any combinations
  • Flexible assignment of voltage channels to each current
  • User-definable demand intervals (three mins up to 30 mins)
  • Four-quadrant metering:
    • Imported / exported / net active energy
    • Positive / negative / net reactive energy

Quantify energy costs with revenue-grade-accuracy (ANSI Class 0.2 including CTs)

  • Total facility consumption
  • Circuit monitoring (sub-metering)
  • Individual machines
  • Internal motors/loads
  • Energy cost per production item analysis

Perfectly synchronize peak current events on all 14 channels

Easily and accurately analyze renewable and distributed generation system behavior

Simultaneously utilize the PQube 3e’s advanced Class A power quality monitoring

  • Verify quality of power supplied by utility, and any transfer to redundant sources
  • Monitor and measure potentially damaging high frequency transients
  • Easily visualize 2 kHz to 150 kHz conducted emissions
  • Narrow down root cause of facility shutdown, equipment failure, or product quality issues
  • Use historical vs. present data to predict potential equipment failure

Advanced Power Quality Features

  • Up to 4 MHz High Frequency impulse  detection and recording
  • Event-triggered recording based on sags, swells, and interruptions; over/under-frequency; waveshape changes; inrush current; and more
  • 2 kHz – 150 kHz conducted emissions recording
  • High-speed 512-samples-per-cycle recording on all channels
  • IEC 61000-4-30 Ed3 Class A:
    • Voltage sags / swells / interruptions
    • Voltage flicker (Pinst, Pst, PLT)
    • Voltage and current harmonics & inter-harmonics (up to rank 50)
    • Voltage and current unbalance
    • Voltage THD, current THD, and TDD
    • Rapid voltage changes
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly trends (with min/avg/max)
  • Daily cumulative probability, histograms, and more


  • Easily connects current channels with split-core CTs or Flexible (Rogowsky coils) CTs
  • Supports 14 X single phase circuit or 4 X 3-phase circuits
  • Complies with ANSI C12.20 Class 0.2 revenue grade accuracy (*)
  • Computes four-quadrant energy (import/export, reactive/capacitive)
  • Computes active/reactive/apparent powers, power factor or DPF (CosPhi)
  • Supports user-defined demand intervals
  • Publishes real-time values of all powers and energies (Modbus TCP/IP, DNP3.0, SNMP)

(*) Class 0.2S  IEC 62053-22, too!

PQube 3e delivers information that you can use immediately

  • Monitors the power, but also your process with generic analog AC/DC channels
  • Enhances the diagnostic by measuring the environment conditions with advanced EnviroSensor probes
  • Your campaign measurements are stored for years, and continuously stored as 1 min (min/max/average) trends daily, or 5 min trends, weekly or monthly. No gaps, you don’t miss a single cycle
  • You can store several thousands of events (32 GB flash memory)
  • Extensive library of waveform triggers on voltage magnitude, voltage HF impulses, frequency, currents inrush , AC/DC channels, and more
  • All measured parameters are available every half-second in real-time (via Modbus, DNP3.0 or SNMP)
  • Trends and events can be quickly accessed using your Internet browser – no software needed
  • Interface available in more than 13 languages– the graphs can be delivered in two simultaneous languages (ideal for international teams)

PQube 3e is easy to use

  • Easy changes in configuration can be done on site with a USB thumb drive, or remotely via Web browser, FTP or email. The configuration is a text file
  • Free firmware updates can be done on site with a USB thumb drive, or remotely via Web browser or FTP


  • Enhance your diagnostic by adding:
    • Temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, shock and sesimic measurements, vibration level with PSL’s advanced EnviroSensors (ENV2)
    • External sensors measurements, e.g. level gauges, solar irradiance, flow, speed, battery charge and consumption, with PQube 3e four analog AC/DC channels
  • Detect and record mechanical shocks, seismic disturbances, and tilt changes

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