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Snap onto DIN Rail

Probably the most common way to install a PQube 3, typically used for semiconductor equipment, large medical MRIs and CTs, elevator controls, wind turbine nacelles, etc. This is the least expensive, most compact, and simplest installation.

Need a piece of DIN rail and end stops?

Order our DIN Rail Kit
Order part number: DRK-270-00

IP65 DIN Rail Enclosure

If you want your PQube 3 or in its own enclosure, either because you don’t have room in your electric panel or you want your PQube to be more visible and accessible, then mount it inside a standard DIN rail enclosure. It’s your easiest and least expensive option.

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Rugged pole-mount installation

The PQube 3 is perfect for distribution line monitoring. The enclosure is IP44 rated, vented for temperature reduction, made from non-corrosive polycarbonate, and the stainless steel pole-mount brackets make for a quick and secure installation. The cellular modem-ready option is ideal for collecting data where Ethernet connectivity is often unavailable. Power can be taken from the monitored line, or from a separate instrument power line.

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Rugged wall-mount installation

When a rugged indoor or outdoor wall-mount installation is required, this product is perfect. The enclosure is IP44 rated, it’s vented for warmer conditions, and you have a hinged window for viewing or accessing the PQube 3’s full color touchscreen display. Quick-connect terminal blocks make wiring simple, and the cellular modem-ready option helps simplify data collection.

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If you’re moving from site to site, this is what you need! It’s a PQube 3 in a compact enclosure with safety-shrouded clip-on fused banana voltage leads. All connections are pluggable, and there’s even an option enabling internal mounting of a cellular modem – so you don’t have to connect to the customer’s network, which can be a real IT challenge. Just add some of our split-core or flexible current sensors, and you are ready to go. The PQube 3 is perfect for field service.

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19-inch rack-mount: special single phase rack mounts

The PQube 3 is a great choice for data centers and substations. PSL can supply special single-phase rack mounts with plug-in connectors for pairs of PQube 3s, or just a single PQube 3.


For those larger, non-standard projects, PSL can supply special enclosures and wiring for your needs. Here’s an example: A major shipboard needed multiple PQube 3s in a single, pre-wired, IP-rated enclosure.

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