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GPS synchronization package for PQube 3

This bundle package allows you to time stamp precisely the measurements of the PQube 3.

The package consists of :

  • An optical isolated remote GPS receiver and antenna
  • A snap-in synchronization module for PQube 3 (MS1-PPS-XT-XXXX)
  • A 9m (30ft) cable to connect the synch module to the receiver and antenna (CABLE-GPS-8P-RJ45-09M-00)

Order Part Numbers: GPS-SYNC-MS1-GPS1


GPS Receiver and Antenna Cables for Rugged and Portable Installations

Indoor and outdoor rated cables for remotely mounting your cellular antennas and GPS receivers

Cell modem antenna cables

  • Typically two antennas/cables used per modem
  • Use our three meter N-N-style indoor/outdoor cable to remotely connect your outdoor N-style cell antenna to the PQ3iaB-rugged with cell modem ready option.
    Order Part Number: CABLE-N-N-03M-00
  • Use our six meter indoor/outdoor SMA to N-style cable to remotely connect your outdoor N-Style cell antenna to the PQ3iaB-pluggable with cell modem ready option.
    Order Part Number: CABLE-SMA-N-06M-00

GPS1 receiver cables

  • Remotely connect a PSL GPS1 Receiver to the PQ3iaB-rugged with GPS1 option. Use our four meter outdoor rated IP67-RJ45 to RJ45 cable
    Order Part Number: CABLE-IP67-RJ45-RJ45-04m-00
  • Remotely connect a PSL GPS1 receiver to the PQ3iaB-pluggable with GPS1 option. Use our seven meter 8-pin plug to RJ45 outdoor cable
    Order Part Number: CABLE-8P-RJ45-07m-00
  • Connect your PQube 3 MS1 module to the GPS1 receiver in an indoor application, use our ten meter indoor rated 8-pin plug to RJ45 indoor cable
    Order Part Number: CABLE-MS1-10m-00

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