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PSL Ultra-Precise calibrated shielded split-core CT are specifically designed to meet demanding accuracy applications.

This is accuracy on both current amplitude AND current angle accuracy.

The PSL Ultra-Precise CT’s exceed the most demand standard:  ANSI C12.20 Class 0.2 revenue grade *

(*) Class 0.2S IEC 62053-22

5A – 300A
Amplitude Accuracy: Typical ±0.1%
Angle Accuracy: Typical ±0.07°
Output: 333 mV at rated current

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PSL Precise CT Series

PSL Precise CT – SCN Series

1A, 5A-600A
Typical accuracy: ±0.2%
Typical angle accuracy: 0.5° typical (5A – 600A)

PSL Precise CT – SC4 Series

800A – 6000A
Typical accuracy : ±0.6%
Typical angle accuracy: ±0.5°

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Models (< 300A)
Models (> 300A)

FCT-XX-3000A Flexible Current Sensor

Easy Installation — connects directly to PQube 3 (integrator and external power not required)

Why do I need a flexible current sensor?

DC Hall Effect Current Sensors

For use with ATT2 – AC/DC Voltage/Current Module

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Open Loop vs. Closed Loop

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