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Latest Software Rev 3.0.5 – Latest Firmware Rev 3.0.0

General specifications
Functional Voltage Sag/Dip and Swell testing per SEMI F47, IEC 61000-4-11,IEC 61000-4-34, CBEMA, ITIC, MIL STD, FAA, SAMSUNG, and other international standards. With Power Flow Analysis option, also performs to SEMI E6, current inrush testing, harmonic current testing, and more.
Patents U.S. Patent 5,886,429 – Voltage sag/swell testing station – Grady et al (exclusive world-wide license from University of Texas)
U.S. Patent 6,759,765 – Sag generator with plurality of switch technologies – McEachern et al
Agency approvals Designed to meet U.S. and Canadian safety standards, CE certification requirements, FCC requirements. Fully meets requirements of IEC-1010, and IEC-61000-4-11/-4-34. Fully meets requirements and recommendations of SEMI F47.
Equipment ratings Rated as Class I equipment. Rated for Installation Category II (local level, appliances, portable equipment). Rated for Pollution Degree 2 (Normally, only non-conductive pollution occurs.)
Operating environment Indoor use. Altitude up to 2000 m. Temperature between 5°C and 40°C. Max relative humidity 80% for temperatures up to 31°C decreasing linearly to 50% relative humidity at 40°C.
Instrument Power 100 to 240 Vac (±10%), 50/60 Hz, 4 Amps max.
Software Industrial Power Corruptor program for setup/operation of IPC, viewing real-time and downloaded data, and collecting information for test report generation. With Power Flow Analysis option, software includes vector scope, real-time oscilloscope, and real-time spectrum analyzer. ChannelScope II software for viewing, zooming, scrolling, and synchronizing power waveforms. FlowScope software for graphing and examining power flow over time. Requires PC with Windows 98 or XP.
Communications Front panel RJ-45 jack for serial connection to PC.
Physical 19 inch rack-mount unit in rugged polyethylene case measuring 21in. W x 11in. H x 30 in.L (50cm x 28cm x 76cm). 130lb (59Kg)
Shipping container The IPC must always be shipped in its included heavy-duty shipping container, which includes four air-cushion feet, four carrying handles, and custom-fitted closed-cell anti-shock and anti-vibration foam. Case fully meets international ISPM-15 import/export requirements, including China, Japan, Brazil, EU, Australia.

Permissible Test Conditions
Voltage Range 100 – 480 Vrms, 50 or 60 Hz, 1-phase or 3-phase. Voltage is limited to 240Vrms on some model numbers.
Voltage Configuration Single phase or 3-phase (Y or delta) connection to unit. Neutral conductor not required. Voltage dropout testing can occur on all phases simultaneously. Voltage sag and swell testing on a single pair of phases, or phase to neutral. Phase selection for events is done with front panel dial.
Load Current Up to 200 Amps per phase continuous, depending on model number. 600 Amps peak. Front panel dial for user selection of current trip point.

Voltage Sag / Swell Testing
Magnitude 0% to 125% of nominal voltage in 2.5% steps.
Limited to a maximum of 550Vrms on IPC’s rated for 480V.
User can select 0% sag to be either high impedance or low impedance.
Duration User selected duration from 1 cycle to 34 seconds in 1 cycle steps. (Durations from 0.1 cycle, in 0.1 cycle steps, are optionally available through software. However, PSL does not recommend non-integer cycle durations due to potential damage to equipment under test, and to IPC. Non-integer number of cycles are now being removed from all international standards.)
Magnitude/Duration Margin A front panel switch allows quick 5% or 10% increase in event magnitude and duration.
Phase Angle 0 to 359 degrees in 5-degree steps, with 1-degree steps available by software option.
Event Trigger Input/Output Manual front panel “Arm” and “Fire” switches locally trigger event. Rear panel BNC connectors provide bi-directional 24V logic level (falling edge) trigger output and input capability.
Semiautomatic Sequencing As well as manual event configuration, the user can semi-automatically step through a industry standard recipe on a single or 3-phase system.
Switching Method High speed, gapless switching, IGBT package with patented (U.S. Patent 6,759,765) override design for long duration events.

Three Phase Voltage Dropout and Current Inrush Testing
Magnitude Full voltage and current rating of Industrial Power Corruptor
Max instantaneous current recording ±1 000A instantaneous
Interruption Duration 0.3 to 34 seconds.
Phase angle 0 degrees to 355 degrees in 5 degree steps. Referenced to user selected voltage channel.
Switching Method For interruptions: Mechanical relays, with calibrated switching times to 0,4 milliseconds

Data Acquisition
Internal Analog Input Channels 13 internal voltage channels (3 line-to-neutral [source], 3 phase-to-phase [source], 3 phase-to-neutral [load], 3 phase-to-phase [load], 1 neutral-to-earth),
6 internal current channels (3 phase currents [source], 3 phase currents [load])
Protective Earth Current Monitoring Channels Three: source earth current, load earth current, and IPC power cord earth current. User-selected current limit, up to 2 amps.
External Analog Input Channels 3 front panel ±600V (AC or DC) channels, 6 front panel ±100V ( AC or DC) channels.
3 of the ±100V channels can be used with optional external current clamps, switch rated at 10/100/1000 amps full scale.
Analog Input Viewing Three front panel meters (including min. and max. values) can be selected to display any data acquisition channel in real time.
These channels can be monitored using a connected PC and the software provided, as waveforms or true RMS values.
Resolution 15 bits equivalent per individual sample on 1000V / 1000A channels, 12 bits per individual sample on other channels, 16 bit equivalent for average and RMS measurements
Accuracy Guaranteed accuracy ±1,0% FS on voltage and current.
Typical accuracy ±0,25% FS (voltage and current), ±0,5% FS (power parameters), ±1,0% FS (harmonics), ±1° (between any voltage and current channel)
Sampling Rate 0.8 KHz to 7.68 KHz
Phase lock With Power Flow Analysis option, software phase-lock to user-selected voltage channel – for precision harmonic and power flow calculations

Power Standards Lab
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Alameda, California 94501
TEL: ++1.510.522.4400
US: 1.888.SEMI.F47 or 1.888.736.4347

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