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Semiconductor tool manufacturers

Semiconductor tool manufacturers, and their component suppliers, use the IPC to comply with SEMI F47, which increases reliability, and SEMI E6, which improves energy consumption

University and national research labs

University and national research labs use the IPC for research projects, and to run critical equipment for large experiments through voltage sags and swells. Typical standards include IEEE 1100 (CBEMA)

Industrial engineers

Industrial engineers use the IPC to verify that new electronic equipment will tolerate voltage sags and swells, and to find out if voltage sag correction devices work properly

Military and Government Agencies

Military and government agencies use the IPC to test critical electronic systems. Typical standards include FAA G-2100G, and MIL SPEC standards

Compliance engineers and test labs

Compliance engineers and test labs use the IPC to verify compliance with IEC standards, including IEC 61000-4-11 and 61000-4-34, and other national and international voltage sag immunity standards

Teaching and Research Tool

IPC is a compact, portable (luggable) unit that combines complete data collection with safe design for use in laboratory or experimental conditions.

All data is provided in .CSV files that can be displayed and analyzed with the bundled software or can be viewed with other editors, such as Excel.

Once IPC is connected to AC power and equipment under test, all tests can be run from user-friendly front panel interface. There is no need to connect and disconnect voltage probes, current sensors, etc. Tests can be done both rapidly and safely with students of any experience level.

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