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Researchers at National Labs have already shown interest in using Grid Thumper to examine photovoltaic system stability and detect sophisticated grid cyberattacks. Military suppliers, hospitals and data centers will rely on the non-disruptive Grid Thumper stability tests on mission-critical live grids. Utilities are discussing how to use Grid Thumper to map out distribution grids, and even to increase the amount of Distributed Energy Resources (DER), such as PV that is permitted on a distribution line. Operators of island grids have plans to use Grid Thumper to measure actual control loop response and damping in a large population of installed inverters.


Grid vulnerabilities to sophisticated cyberattack

  • Utility
  • National Labs

Microgrid / Gensets

Optimized for live grids, non-disruptive use, perfect for microgrid and diesel generator testing projects

  • Data centers
  • Hospitals
  • Military
  • C&I
  • Entertainment venues

Load emulation

Understand load profile before connecting to grid or other equipment

  • Utility
  • Military

DER integration

Measure actual control loops and damping of population inverters and large electronic loads

  • Utilities
  • National Labs
  • Islands

Substation commissioning

Map the distribution grid

  • Utilities

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