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September 18, 2018

PQube 3 Power Analyzer’s unique design and benefits wins Power Standards Lab an EC&M 2018 Award

Alameda, CA – September 18, 2018 Power Standards Lab Inc. (PSL), a leader in power quality, energy monitoring and data analysis, today announced that its PQube® 3 power analyzer has been named by EC&M as the 2018 Winner for Metering & Monitoring Equipment.

The PQube 3 provides a rare combination of power and environmental monitoring in a sleek form factor for use in a broad range of industries, including semiconductor tools, data centers, industrial equipment, utilities, and medical systems. PQube 3 delivers the right information in real-time to the user’s inbox, enabling ongoing system health monitoring and rapid root cause analysis when needed most.

PQube 3 features and benefits include:

  • System failure prevention – perform graceful shutdowns to prevent costly production mistakes
  • Independent judge – identify where faults originate and prevent finger pointing
  • Decreasing downtime – quickly identify root cause of faults before they affect customers
  • Predictive maintenance – detect abnormalities before they cause problems
  • Reputation safeguarding – don’t get blamed for issues beyond your control



PQube 3: ultra-powerful, yet very compact analyzer provides  actionable information for power system root cause analysis




“PQube 3 has saved us a tremendous amount of time and manpower in troubleshooting,” said Cliff Sims, Lead Electrical & Control Technician of Henry County Water Authority in Georgia. “I’m able to see power abnormalities immediately from my desk-top or mobile device and dispatch the correct response personnel. This has saved us money by allowing us to get ahead of several electrical problems before they became major issues at our water and sewer treatment plant. Since we have so much equipment to maintain, the ability to receive real-time information is extremely valuable. Additionally, we can also safely monitor current draw on motors without ever opening a 480 volt cabinet.”

“We are honored to be selected from among over 150 product entries by a panel of industry expert judges,” said Barry Tangney, COO of Power Standards Lab. “This award provides further market validation that PQube 3, and its expanded family of products, offer exceptional value to our customers by helping them perform rapid root cause analysis for mission-critical applications.”

To learn more about how the full line of PQube 3 products can be your virtual technician, please visit:

About Power Standards Lab, Inc.

Power Standards Lab Inc. (PSL), a subsidiary of Power Survey and Equipment Ltd., is a global leader in the design and manufacture of easy-to-install, ultra-precise electric power instruments for monitoring power quality and energy, and performing data analysis. PSL partners with Fortune 500 companies in the power and energy, transportation, medical, semiconductor, telecom, and manufacturing industries, as well as government agencies, to help diagnose and solve electric power problems, provide power quality testing, and certification. PSL employees speak over 15 languages, providing localized support to customers in 58 countries. The company is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. For more information please visit:

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