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Our PQube 3 power monitor is specially designed to capture and report disturbances on both AC power mains and DC busses (e.g. 48 VDC), simultaneously. It can also monitor environmental characteristics, such as temperature and humidity that can be difficult and costly to diagnose otherwise.

PSL’s PQube 3 provides much more than basic power quality analysis. Its ability to monitor voltage, amplitude, frequency, harmonics and four-quadrant energy helps telecom provider Claro ensure that its cell towers are operating at peak efficiency. The complete site monitoring capabilities allow Claro to deliver uninterrupted mobile phone, broadband internet, cable television and many more services to its international range of clients.

PSL offers practical, hands-on seminars for telecom engineers. We can teach a half-day seminar at your site anywhere in the world, or you can come to one of our scheduled seminars.

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