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You can't solve a power quality problem until you know exactly what it looks like. That's why major semiconductor fabricators and tool suppliers use PQube 3 to capture power glitch waveforms to prevent costly manufacturing delays, as well as losses associated with very high density silicon dies and processors. PQube 3 is the only power monitor designed specifically for semiconductor production tools.

Applied Materials is the leading world-wide supplier of automated semiconductor manufacturing equipment – probably the highest-tech company in the world. Applied Materials counts on Power Standards Lab for its expertise on electric power for world-wide sensitive loads: for SEMI F47 voltage sag immunity certification, for PSL’s Industrial Power Corruptors, and for PSL’s PQ1 power quality relays to automate response to voltage sags. All of these greatly reduce Applied’s world-wide service costs. PSL also regularly provides consulting services to Applied for difficult-to-solve power problems.

Varian has begun embedding the PQube in many of its tools. This way Varian’s customers can identify when production problems ought to be attributed to bad power quality. As a result, Varian’s servicing costs are minimized and customer’s uptime maximized. Semiconductor fabs are under great pressure to minimize equivalent CO2 emitted. The PQube easily outputs the gr/hr of CO2 emitted on a tool-by-tool basis.

PSL offers practical, hands-on seminars for fab and tool engineers. We can teach a half-day seminar at your site anywhere in the world, or you can come to one of our scheduled seminars.

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