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Our PQube 3 power monitor is ideal for monitoring electric utility power quality and flow, especially if you need to monitor at equipment terminals, or for measuring voltage at the edge of the feeder. And, our Industrial Power Corruptor (IPC) can help your customers increase their equipment immunity, reducing power disturbances and complaints.

Southern California Edison, one of the most advanced U.S. utilities, deploys PQubes in various experimental projects that need precise and complete energy data – data that’s not available from standard instruments and meters. SCE also counts on its PSL Industrial Power Corruptor for evaluating equipment immunity to voltage sags.

T-Solar makes advanced solar power systems in Spain. PSL PQubes are used to monitor precise electric power consumption of manufacturing equipment – a critical parameter for any green manufacturer.

PSL offers practical, hands-on seminars for electrical  engineers. We can teach a half-day seminar at your site anywhere in the world, or you can come to one of our scheduled seminars.

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