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Airports are full of sensitive equipment that can be tripped by power disturbances. Luggage inspection systems can experience power glitches - especially in less advanced airports. Our PQube 3 unit can monitor and report on power quality issues before they cause serious problems and impact travel schedules or flight operations.

Airbus and its suppliers rely on PSL’s Industrial Power Corruptor to make sure ground support equipment will work reliably at world-wide airports. And PSL’s new PQube’s 400-Hz capability matches well with the Airbus’s sophisticated aircraft power grid.

The Federal Aviation Administration relies on Power Standards Lab’s Industrial Power Corruptor to test its critical equipment for immunity to voltage disturbances, and to verify inrush current specifications.

Airport operations rely on continuous operation of security systems. In its latest systems, GE Security uses embedded PSL PQubes to record disruptive power disturbances, simplifying service calls (and reducing service costs).

NASA is experimenting with PSL’s PQube as a laboratory-grade energy instrument combined with a high-end power quality monitor. The PQube’s low cost, and ease of use, makes it ideal for monitoring power at NASA’s ground stations. And with the PQube’s automatic self-configuration to 50 Hz, 60 Hz, and 400 Hz, and self-configuration for any world-wide power configuration, NASA can standardize on a single no-options instrument for world-wide base stations.

Over 40 million passengers utilize Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport annually. BACnet energy monitoring provided by PSL allows Sky Harbor’s automated systems to operate at optimal levels.

Major suppliers of luggage inspection systems use the PQube 3 power monitor. Like an aircraft black box for power systems, PQube monitors grab every disturbance on 50 Hz, 60 Hz, and even 400 Hz grids, and record the waveforms on a digital camera memory card.

We specialize in making your systems robust, using the SEMI F47 voltage sag immunity standard. In fact, we chair the SEMI F47 Task Force. Check out the Industrial Power Corruptor, our main tool for solving power problems.
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PSL offers practical, hands-on power quality seminars for aviation authority and airport power engineers and technicians. We can teach a half-day seminar at your site anywhere in the world, or you can come to one of our scheduled seminars.

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