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Check out our informative power quality tutorials.

U.S. Military Power Quality Standards

"Characteristics of 28 VDC Electrical Systems in Military Vehicles" is a power quality compatibility standard.

Industry Specific Power Quality Standards

The official source of the latest SEMI standards, including F47 and F42, the voltage sag standards.

Utility Power Quality Standards

Companies that deliver electric power - "utility companies", in American English - have recognized over the last decade or so that their customers need to know what kind of power they can expect. What are utility power quality standards? Information about utility power standards.

IEC Power Quality Standards

It can be difficult to find the document you need, but you can purchase published IEC standards with a credit card. You'll be charged in Swiss Francs, and you can download the document immediately.

IEEE Power Quality Standards

Here you'll find information about all the IEEE working groups. In general, you can find the minutes of the last meeting for each group; try sending an e-mail to the Chairman of that meeting if you need more information, which is generally free.


SEMI, the industry association for the semiconductor industry, has developed the SEMI F47 voltage sag immunity standard. Information about SEMI F47 - The Voltage Sag Immunity Standard.

CBEMA Power Quality Graph

The CBEMA (Computer and Business Equipment Manufacturers’ Association, typically pronounced sa-BEEM-ah) power quality graph plots the depth of voltage sags on the vertical axis against the duration of voltage sags on the horizontal axis. The green line on the graph shows the sag immunity suggested by CBEMA. The sags above, shown as blue dots, were …

How 4-Terminal Resistors Work

In a 4-terminal resistor, an ultra-precise resistor (green) is connected to 4 terminals through small, but unknown, resistors (red).

Other Power Disturbances

The most common disturbances on AC power systems are voltage sags or dips. Other problems, such as transient overvoltages and brief interruptions, occur almost everywhere. Problems with harmonics, voltage regulation, and flicker occur at a wide range of sites. Some other disturbances that occur at specific locations include: Frequency variations: on utility grids, these are …

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