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PQube is easy to use and does not require software. If you are looking for enterprise solutions, there are several options available.

Free Software from PSL

PQube 2.1.8 Configurator Utility

PQube Configurator is a great way to create and modify your PQube’s SETUP.INI file. Even easier than using a text editor

PSL Modbus Client (with Data Logging)

Pick among hundreds of real-time meters and strip charts to show on your screen. Includes links to dozens of PQubes around the world, with real-time meters in Europe, Asia, North and South America Source Code

PQube Report Writer

PQube Report Writer accepts files recorded by any PQube precision power monitor. The output is a beautifully formatted Microsoft Word document. Optimized for Power Quality consultants, PQube Report Writer also remembers your list of clients and customers.

  • Accepts files recorded by any PQube precision power monitor (optimized for firmware 2.1)
  • Output is beautifully formatted Microsoft Word document – modify any way you like
    (Requires Microsoft Word 2007 or later. Does not work with Word 2003)
  • Optimized for EN50160 Standards by default – easy to add your own standards and Norms
  • Multiple languages: comes with English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Polish. Easy to add your own language
  • Optimized for power quality consultants – remembers your list of clients and customers
  • You are the author. Your logo, your web site on every page of of every report
  • Yes, this powerful program is free

Third party software


QubeView is the solution for managing your fleet of PQube’s: configure, download and centralize measurement data for analyzing and reporting. QubeView can be installed on a laptop (e.g. when doing field measurement campaigns), or can be installed on a server PC for continuous monitoring a fleet of hundreds of PQube’s.

PSL’s QubeView solution provides the following functionalities:

Multi device configuration

Automated data download scheduling

Multi device data graphic visualization and analysis

Energy & power consumption analysis

Automated Reporting

PQube DSS Platform is an easy to use, web based, multi-PQube data organizer. Using PQube DSS Platform gives numerous advantages like automatic download of multiple PQube data, centralized data access, logical and easy map view, and much more… PQube DSS Platform is compatible with PQube and PQube 3.

Visit Website |  PQube_DSS_Datasheet.pdf

Groov is a hardware and software platform that allows users to create custom dashboards featuring various gauges and indicators to display PQube 3 measurement parameters. A live dashboard can display any of PQube 3’s 1000+ measurement parameters.

Additionally, you can seamlessly view Modbus registers from one or several PQube 3s at the same time via PC, smartphone or tablet!

Visit Website |  View Data Sheet

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