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Semiconductor tools, MRI and medical equipment, data centers, telecoms, advanced building management, manufacturing plants, airports – wherever the power reliability and granularity of the sub metering is required the PQube 3e will do the work.

Quantify energy costs with revenue-grade-accuracy (ANSI Class 0.2 including CTs)

  • Total facility consumption
  • Circuit monitoring (sub-metering)
  • Individual machines
  • Internal motors/loads
  • Energy cost per production item analysis

Perfectly synchronize peak current events on all 14 channels

Easily and accurately analyze renewable and distributed generation system behavior

Simultaneously utilize the PQube 3e’s advanced Class A power quality monitoring

  • Verify quality of power supplied by utility, and any transfer to redundant sources
  • Monitor and measure potentially damaging high frequency transients
  • Easily visualize 2 kHz to 150 kHz conducted emissions
  • Narrow down root cause of facility shutdown, equipment failure, or product quality issues
  • Use historical vs. present data to predict potential equipment failure

Power Standards Lab
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TEL: ++1.510.522.4400
US: 1.888.SEMI.F47 or 1.888.736.4347

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