Order Part Number PQube-02-0000


Power Quality monitoring:

  1. Voltage dips, swells, and interruptions - waveforms and RMS graphs
  2. Frequency events, impulse detection, time-triggered snapshots
  3. THD, TDD, Voltage and current unbalance, RMS Flicker - Pinst, PST, PLT
  4. Daily, weekly, monthly trends. Cumulative probability, histograms, and more.


  1. No software required! The PQube automatically writes picture, spreadsheet, and text files on a standard SD SanDisk® card
  2. Also, two analog inputs, up to 4 relay outputs, and two temperature-humidity monitoring channels. Full color display with 25+ languages
  3. Built-in Li-Ion UPS. Power from 24 VAC, 24-48VDC, or use optional PS1 plug-in module for 100~240 VAC power
  4. For energy and carbon monitoring - just plug in an XCT5, XCT4 or CT4 module
  5. For Ethernet communications - just plug in ETH1 module
  6. For energy and carbon monitoring with Ethernet communications - just plug in a CTE1 module
PQube Compliance
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