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PQube - ultra-low-cost power monitor
New ultra-low-cost power quality monitor

PSL's new PQube is simply the best power monitor I have ever worked with.

It's just like a digital camera for your power system. It captures dips/sags, swells, frequency variations, interruptions, etc., at 256 samples per cycle. Then it puts "photographs" of them on a standard digital camera SD memory card, as well as spreadsheet files of all of the samples. And it works on single-phase and three-phase systems, 50/60 Hz, at up to 690 volts nominal. No software is required.

At US$1395, it's a bargain.

Now you can buy it on-line. If you have some year-end budget available, take a quick look at www.PowerStandards.com/PQube.htm. I think you'll be impressed, and you'll have some fun too!

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PSL raises $1.5 million capital
PSL raises $1.5 million capital

Economic times are tough, but I'm pleased to announce Power Standards Lab has raised US$1.5 million in new capital. The private investors who provided the capital come from the U.S., Europe, and Asia. We'll be using this funding to support the launch of the new PQube.

If you'd like to read more about the financing - which was unusually successful in the present economic situation - here's a good MarketWatch article.

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Rich Bingham retires
Rich Bingham retires!

Rich Bingham, a wise and important guide in our industry with whom I've enjoyed working for the last quarter century, has decided to retire from his position as Chief Technologist/VP Product Development of Dranetz-BMI. He plans to spend more time with his new grandchild in Hawaii, and he plans to become a teacher - which please me, because he has always been a teacher in spirit.

The good news is that he will continue as a consultant to Dranetz-BMI, so we will still have the opportunity to talk with him at industry meetings, and get his astute and judicious counsel.

Congratulations, Rich!

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Imposimato Working Group
Distributed Generation and power quality standard

An IEC Working group, led by Claudia Imposimato of CESIRICERCA in Italy, is working on an interesting project: producing an IEC document on distributed generation and power quality. It's not clear yet if the document will be a Technical Report, a Standard, or something else.

There's strong international participation in Claudia's PT 61000-3-15 Working Group: Italy, of course, Colombia, Malaysia, South Africa, Austria, France, Spain, Japan, Australia, Germany, Great Britain, the U.S., etc.

Drafts are being circulated through the IEC system. If you're interested in learning more, ask your IEC National Committee to connect you with Claudia's PT 61000-3-15 Working Group, which is under IEC Technical Committee TC77A (led by the always-cheerful Jean Bertin-Mahieux of Canada).

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Medium freq emissions waveform
Medium frequency emissions - any problems?

Ed Yandek of General Electric asks an interesting question about conducted emissions: Are there any known practical problems with emissions in the 2-9 kHz range?

Ed is thinking about new technology motor drives that will put emissions on the LV network in this range. These drives generally have low harmonic emissions in the normal 0-2 kHz area, but can have 'significant' emissions in the 2-9 kHz range. The IEC is considering limits in this frequency range in TC77A WG1.

So he asks if there any known practical problems. Anybody know? Myself, I don't.

Please send me an e-mail if you have any practical experience (or publications) with emissions in the 2 - 9 kHz range. I'm looking forward to learning more.

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Tenaga Malaysia PQ guide
Useful power quality manual from Malaysia

Tenaga Malaysia, the national power company, has made available an excellent guide on solving power quality problems at industrial sites. I've mentioned it before, and now my friend Mohamed Fuad Faisal points out that Tenaga has generously made the guide available for downloading at www.tnb.com.my/tnb/con_quality.htm.

It's a useful, practical, straightforward guide, and it's written in beautiful English. I recommend it.

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Alex teaching
Seminars for key industrial, commercial customers

I've enjoyed teaching power quality seminars recently for several electric power companies. These are generally a half-day session for company engineers, followed by a half-day session for the company's big industrial and commercial customers.

It's interesting how easy it is (with a little information) to change the attitude of many of those customers about power quality problems. They come in thinking it's a power company problem, and they leave realizing that they share responsibility themselves for the effects of power quality events.

Power companies have organized these seminars all over the world, and they truly are a pleasure for me to teach.

If you think a seminar might be useful at your own company, please contact me, or my colleague Marco Mancilla, and we'll put together a seminar outline for you and your customers.

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My heartfelt thanks to all of you who sent me such kind wishes during my recent 3-week illness. I am now fully recovered, and I send my apologies to all my colleagues in India, especially, for cancelling our meetings and seminars. I was looking forward to seeing you all, and I hope we can re-schedule in 2009.

With my best wishes for a peaceful and happy New Year -

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