About PQube Map

What is map.PQube.com?

A free, cloud-based map of PQubes around the world, displaying WYSIWIH (what you see is what is happening), real-time power quality data directly from the PQubes themselves. The PQubes are those of partners and customers of PSL who have agreed to make their power quality data public.

Want to add your PQube to the map? Send us a note.

What is a PQube?

The PQube is a low-cost, high-precision energy and power quality monitor used in semiconductor tools, MRI scanners, space rocket building machines, wind and solar converters, and anywhere power-sensitive instrumentation is involved. Lawrence Berkeley National Lab is using the PQube for building-of-the-future energy research.

Test-drive a PQube!

Click on a PQube and select a link from the pop-up box:

Switch between Status (location and configuration), Trends (daily, weekly or monthly summaries), Events (power disturbances captured), or real-time Meters:

Drill down to the time range you want to see:

Drill down to the time range you want to see:

Now you can choose to download the data in .csv format, view as graphs (gif files), or summaries. Enjoy!

This is cool! What can I do with this map?

Explore. See how power quality differs on the different grids worldwide, and how natural events or human decisions affect it.

If you notice anything unusual happening anywhere, let us know.

Show and tell. For universities or research facilities, the map is a valuable teaching tool. Better than a graph in a book - itís live!

If you're interested in working with us on worldwide power quality research, let us know.


How can this map be of use to you? What if you could monitor power to your globally distributed equipment 24/7, and receive instant notifications in case of a power quality event?

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